“None of us acting alone can achieve success.”

– Nelson Mandela

Image of Jenna Plante

Jenna studied at the School of Management Sciences (ESG UQAM), where she earned a bachelor’s degree in human resources management and then a graduate degree in management, knowledge-based economy. After graduation, she took the first steps in her career in human resources management in the dynamic video game industry.

Following this lively start, she joined Servier Canada in 2016, where she quickly found a second family. She swiftly made a name for herself and forged relationships, and her duties allowed her to grow in the company. Over the years, she was promoted from her role of Human Resources Advisor and now holds the position of Talent and Culture Manager for Servier’s Canadian subsidiary. 

In this role, Jenna is dedicated to employees’ well-being and aligning Servier Canada’s goals with those of its workforce. In other words, Jenna not only oversees the company’s talent and culture but also the overall fulfillment of the subsidiary’s mission.