Servier is a privately-owned international pharmaceutical company governed by a non-profit organization that empowers its people to reinvest profits in research and remain patient-centric, as per our mission.

For more than 40 years, Servier Canada has solidified its place in cardiovascular and metabolic medicine as a leader in those domains. This has paved the road to diversify into new frontiers, such as oncology. In fact, under the leadership of our Executive Committee at Servier Canada, we constantly work to provide the Canadian medical community, patients and their families with innovative therapeutic solutions. In fact, we partner with various stakeholders in the life science ecosystem, including researchers, academic partners, clinicians, patient associations, and innovators.

“I see diversity among our leaders and employees as one of the important levers of performance. Like the diversified leaders in Canadian medicine that work with us, we are proud to count more than 60% of our executive leadership positions held by women.”

Arnaud Lallouette
Chief Executive Officer

Milestones in Servier Canada History


Les Laboratoires Servier were founded by Dr Jacques Servier in Orleans, France. 


Servier Canada was founded by Dre Madeleine Tremblay Servier and officially opened its doors in a modest location in Pointe-Claire (Quebec) with a total staff of three employees. 

We continued to gradually expand Servier’s presence across Canada, with growth in both its size of sales force and the number of head office employees. 


Servier Canada’s new premises are ready to welcome the teams in Laval (Quebec). 


The Canadian International Centre for Therapeutic Research is established within the building of Servier Canada in Laval (Quebec).  


Servier celebrated 25 years of existence in Canada and the following year opened its first Ontario office in Mississauga to accommodate its continued growth and expansion.   


A Clinical Development Centre opened in Laval (Quebec).  

Its mission is to participate in the design and development of Servier’s international clinical research. It coordinates basic research projects as well as the implementation of phases I to III studies, working closely with internationally renowned Canadian and Quebec investigators such as the Montreal Heart Institute, INRS, CRCHUM and MUHC.  The main therapeutic areas are cardiovascular diseases, and oncology. 

The same year, the Fonds Dre Madeleine Tremblay Servier was created at Université de Montréal to support excellence in education and research in drug development.


Quebec’s reputation in artificial intelligence applied to the health sector led the Servier Group to choose Montreal for its Artificial Intelligence Hub in partnership with Centech in December 2020. 


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