Heart Failure Awarness

A key therapeutic area for Servier Canada

Since its establishment in 1978, Servier Canada has consolidated its position as a leader in cardiovascular medicine. We are proud to support National Heart Failure Awareness Week. 

Currently in Canada, over 100,000 people are diagnosed with heart failure (HF) each year. National Heart Failure Awareness Week, which is held from May 1st to 7th, 2023, is a campaign that was created by the Canadian Heart Failure Society (CHFS) to raise awareness and increase public knowledge so that people can better understand this chronic condition. This year represents the fifth edition, presented with the theme “It’s Not Normal to Be Breathless”.

Although the goal for the 2023 campaign is mostly targeted towards the public, it also aims to encourage healthcare professionals to raise awareness among patients and their families on the topic of heart failure. Despite the fact that this condition is a leading cause of death in people aged 65 and over, a large proportion of Canadians do not completely understand what it is. Indeed, according to a 2021 Heart + Stroke poll1, nearly half the population incorrectly believes that it can be cured.

"according to a 2021 Heart + Stroke poll1, nearly half the population incorrectly believes that it can be cured."

Thankfully, those who suffer from HF can feel better and live longer despite the condition. To help them do so, the CHFS offers several user-friendly online tools, such as short videos, a patient diary and a list of resources. It also educates them on the importance of self-management strategies and of a supportive medical team. In addition, the website features a link to the HeartLife Foundation, a Canadian organization that is led by patients and whose mission focuses on HF awareness and better care in the country. 

750,00 Canadians live with heart failure.
1 in 3 Canadians has been touched by heat failure
Common symptoms of heart failure include: shortness of breath, fatigue and lack of energy, swelling in legs or abdomen

As the third leading pharmaceutical group in cardiology worldwide2, Servier Group and its Canadian subsidiary are committed to patients and healthcare professionals by developing treatments that help to relieve HF symptoms and improve heart function. The quality of life of patients remains a priority; indeed, it is essential for an individual living with heart failure to get the support they need. More information on this can be found in the “Living with heart failure” guide, published by Heart + Stroke and available on its website, which details how online communities provide social support that allows patients to share their experience and combat isolation. 

You don't have to face this alone! If you have heart failure or are caring for someone who has, connecting with other people who know what you are going through can help the recovery journey.

Heart failure is a condition that affects more and more people; throughout the world, it is one of the most rapidly increasing cardiovascular conditions. Together, let’s encourage people to consult a healthcare professional if they think they might have symptoms of heart failure. Join us in taking part in National Heart Failure Awareness Week by heading over to the CHFS’ website and sharing your social media posts with the hashtag #HeartFailureWeekCan.

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