Servier is part of the Canada's top corporate R&D spenders 2021

Servier has been nominated within Canada’s Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders 


Once again this year, Servier Canada Inc. has been recognized for its commitment to innovation in the annual ranking of Canada’s top 100 research and development (R&D) investors. According to the 2022 compilation conducted by Research Infosource Inc, Servier Canada is ranked 88; an increase of 5, compared to last year’s rank.   


Servier Canada has continued to distinguish itself in recent years in terms of innovation. According to the 2021 compilation conducted by Research Infosource Inc., Servier Canada ranks 93rd among Canadian companies that invest the most in research and development. 

Servier Canada is committed to innovation and collaboration with academic partners, pharmaceutical companies, and others, to accelerate therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients. The patient’s voice is at the heart of its activities, from research to support beyond the drug.