Take a loved one for a check up today - Because I say so

Up to half of the people with hypertension may be unaware they have it, as they do not exhibit any signs or symptoms. This is why hypertension is considered a silent disease and a global public health issue. The only way to know whether a person has hypertension is by having their blood pressure checked. Let’s take the opportunity to Take a Loved One for a Checkup today. #BecauseISaySo 

Join Servier and the International Society of Hypertension to promote taking antihypertensive medication regularly. Visit the dedicated website https://www.becauseisayso.net/ 

Check this awareness video promoting the importance of getting your pressure checked. #BecauseISaySo 

Key facts 

  • Hypertension is the leading cause of mortality in the world (death from a disease), responsible for nearly 10 million deaths worldwide per year1 
  • More than 1/3 of people treated for hypertension stop their treatment after only 6 months2 
  • The lack of adherence to the antihypertensive treatment increases by 1/3 the risk of cardiovascular event3 
  • Servier has been involved in hypertension for over 50 years.

Did you know? 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases, such as hypertension, who stopped treatment, increased significantly. In Europe, almost 10%* of such people stopped their treatment during the months when the pandemic was at its highest. 

This campaign is supported by the International Society of Hypertension and can be applied to any type of antihypertensive treatment. 

*Carenity survey, May 2020 (Europe & U.S.)